Semantics-based Explanation of Cyber-physical Systems

WP Deliverables

WP1. Project Management

D1.1 Periodic and final reports including updated DMP

WP2. Use Cases and PoC Definition

D2.1 Definition of use cases and user stories

D2.2 Simulation models

D2.3 PoC definition

WP3. Digital Twin Architecture

D3.1 Auditable SENSE architecture

D3.2 Semantic data integration methods

D3.3 Anomaly and event detection algorithms

WP4. Semantics-based Event Explainability

D4.1 Semantics-based explainability framework

WP5. Technology Stack and PoC Implementation

D5.1 Technology stack implementation, which includes integration with ONLIM chatbot platform

D5.2 PoC implementation in smart grid domain

D5.3 PoC implementation in smart buildings domain

WP6. Technical and Sustainability Evaluation

D6.1 Results of PoC testing in the smart grid domain

D6.2 Results of PoC testing in the smart buildings domain

D6.2 Results of sustainability evaluation

WP7. Dissemination and Exploitation

D7.1 Public project website

D7.2 Dissemination plan

D7.3 Combined exploitation plan