Semantics-based Explanation of Cyber-physical Systems

Work Packages

SENSE aims to foster an innovative leap in the research area of explainable CPS in three majors.

First, from a scientific and technological perspective, SENSE will develop a novel and consolidated approach for creating more transparent CPS by enabling their explainability through the use of semantic technologies. SENSE will lead to conceptual developments and a set of innovative technological components, including: (i) architectural guidelines, data integration methods and anomaly detection algorithms (WP3) to be used for translating data from the physical space into an interconnected knowledge structure (KG); (ii)  methods for semantic-based explanation derivation based on the previously obtained KG (WP4); and (iv) a robust technology stack that combines the developed components and integrates them with a knowledge-drive, interactive explanation presentation interfaces (WP5).

Second, SENSE will go beyond currently primarily small-scale use cases for expCPS by investigating large-scale, realistic use cases in smart grids/buildings. For the needs of these uses cases (WP2) a number of PoCs will be built (WP5) to support key stakeholders including CPS users, operators, planners and owners. 

Third, SENSE will be the first project to investigate the impact of CPS explainability on sustainability aspects, through data gathered in several user studies which will serve as input to novel economic models for sustainability evaluation (WP6).